Why I don’t vote

About three months ago Russel Brand appeared in this great interview with Jeremy Paxman. Russell explains in a very clear way why he does not vote and I couldn’t agree more. I have had some vivid discussions after posting this movie on Facebook and I decided to repost it on my blog with some of the other arguments that evolved from it. Let’s first watch Russel on why he doesn’t vote:

So, this is exactly why I also don’t vote.. Our current political systems are solving the wrong problems, for the wrong people for the wrong reasons.. It looks like our only choice is left or right but there is a third: NEITHER!

Voting (also when voting neutral) in my opinion shows you still believe in the system and you disagree with the current parties. Not voting shows you have realized it is just one big show that has done almost nothing for you, the economy or the planet. For some more examples on this topic, see these two movies: Politics is big business and on TED We the People and the Republic we must reclaim

Coming from a big corporate I have seen that shareholders determine the faith and strategy of a company, not employees or governments. Our plans can be as beautiful, sustainable and progressive as we wanted them to be, at the end of the day, profit is all that matters to shareholders and nothing else. As long as this system is kept alive, we can vote all we want, but it is not going to change a thing. Curious to learn more about how this system works? Make sure to watch this TED talk Who controls the world? and ‘The Corporation‘? 

If the current system doesn’t work, now what? Unfortunately this problem is not one that can be tackled that easily. I do see however numerous initiatives where people are gathering for the right reasons (fair distribution of wealth and stop harming the planet). One of them is called New Earth Project, they are far from there yet, but at least they are trying. And instead of criticizing others I believe we should focus on creating this alternative together instead of someone trying to come up with the magic formula. A true source of inspiration for me is the movie I AM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYtfnONazTU

You too have the power to decide if those in power should remain, that’s how democracy works. And the current way is not working. Not for the people, the economy nor the planet. We have to start to live more consciously, to love and to contribute to this beautiful world in order to make it sane and whole again.

What do you think of all this?? Let me know!

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3 thoughts on “Why I don’t vote”

  1. Ik ga wel stemmen maar ben blij met deze gedachten en mening van jou . Het houdt mij scherp en laat me denken en anders kijken . Thnx for sharing!

    1. This is of course not true Milan, the Internet is super regulated by organisations and political systems. Only think about the Chinese fire wall, Google, Facebook, etcetera.

      I will vote but I think it is good to think about alternatives :)

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