Money is a showstopper not a show enabler

People, especially bankers, politicians and economists (even the currently famous economist Piketty) have this belief that it is actually money that is making things happen in the world. They belief money is the driving force on this planet. Whether we talk about speeding up innovation, eradicating poverty through ingenius tax systems (haha) or propelling our healthcare system forward, they really belief money is responsible for all of this. And I understand why they do, the monetary system is all they know. And as long are you looking for solutions to our current problems lik poverty, crime, destruction of the earth, corruption etc. inside in the monetary system those are the logical solutions one will find. However, when you take a closer look at how our monetary system operates, most of the time things don’t ‘get done’  because of money but things ‘don’t get done’ because of money. So money is a show stopper instead of a show enabler. Let me give you a really simple example:

Scientist are often not limited by their intelligence or their will power to solve problems. Most of the times they are limited by two things: time and money. And whereas time is a logical binding factor because also scientists die someday, I am amazed about the money part. A long time ago we, as humanity, have created a set of arbitrary rules and agreements (money) and we have decided to let these arbitrary limitations determine our progress. We are currently obeying these man made (and ancient) rules like it were gravity itself pulling us down. And just like when we would be able to escape gravity, without the current monetary system we would be able to be free. Truly free. And the beauty is: money is manmade, we can change the rules by which it operates.

Try to imagine what would happen in a world where scientists, and also the rest of us, were no longer limited by these rules. Money, in its current form, would cease to exist.  Imagine, for example, how much cancer research is limited because of money. There are people willing to spend their entire lives researching, studying and progressing the studies done in this field, or any other field for that matter, and they cannot because of lack of money?? Paper bills that we once decided to represent the value of something and were designed to obey our rules end up owning us resulting in its malfunctioning result. We are actually slowing down, instead of speeding up, our evolutionary journey.

In the world I envision, these arbitrary limits do no longer exist. There is no reason why they should. In a world where we have evolved beyond money we can finally reach our true potential. When we can do without budgets there are no borders, boundaries or other limitations to what we can accomplish besides the ones nature endows upon us. We don’t need taxes to redistribute wealth, corruption is non existent and we can reach a potential higher than we have ever experienced but that for now remains hidden because of our own invention. Isn’t that at least worth considering a better alternative for money in its current form?

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  1. Steven, interessante kijk! Ben het wel met je eens.
    Vooral de uitspraak; het lijkt alsof de regels die wij zelf verzonnen werken als zwaartekracht.

    Grt, Ruud Scholten

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